Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Consequence of Inaction

As those constant readers know, I have been engaged in attempting to donate my kidney.
A couple days ago, I met with the surgeon, a good guy who knows his stuff. At that point we had decided to do the surgery within a month. Then I got the bad news.
In order to donate an organ, hospitals have to to run something called a crossmatch. They did one at the beginning of the process and one in July. They were fine. They did one last week and it tested positive for antibodies. Bad news. What's worse is, it didn't need to happen.
I am reluctant to name the hospital responsible for this, suffice it to say, it has University in the name, as well as the name of the city in which I live. You can do the math.
What do I mean when I say it didn't have to happen? Due to terrible communication and organization, the hospital waited too long. Way too long. This process began in May. I find out in September that a problem has arisen. Five and a half months.
Every piece of information I have received, I forced it out of that facility. At least with my first two coordinators were terrible with communication. Terrible. And the consequences are, they were playing with a man's life.
Now, we aren't dead in the water yet. The surgeons are coming up with possible solutions, including plasmapherisis. But, people need to learn the consequences of their actions, or inactions.

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