Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Interesting influences

It's amazing what will inspire us to think, isn't it? For me, I was watching the most recent "Family Guy," that's right, "Family Guy," and it got me thinking.
One of the very last bits was Peter Griffin asking Jesus what religion they should be, Christian or Jewish, and he said, basically, "doesn't matter. They're all crap anyway." And I started thinking whether or not Jesus would actually feel that way. I gotta believe he does.
There is so much hate spewed by the different religious factions (except the Buddhists. They love everyone), Christians hating Jews who hate Muslims who hate Christians who hate....
Think of everything that is carried out in God's or Jesus' or Mohammad's or Yahweh's or Allah's name. Wars. Murders. Hatred. Division. Racism. Do we really think that is what they/him/her/it/whatever wants?
When I think of Jesus, I think of a cool cat who had a great message. A message of love and hope and peace. Basically, I think he was the first hippie. (Would Jesus have listened to Jefferson Airplane? I think so!) But look around today, and there is so much hate in religion. I just shake my head and wonder, what does he really think? I wish he'd send out a mass email or something, telling everyone to cool out and love one another.
So much of religions has been bastardized to the point that I don't actually consider myself in affiliation with any of them. I can't say I am a Christian, because even though I was raised that way, there is so much that self-proclaimed Christians (not all of them mind you, but a God pounding lot of them) profess to believe, yet don't follow through. I am not a fan of hypocrites, you see. Again, this is not all Christians, but there are enough to make me back away.
Same goes for the other of the so called big three. Judaism and Islam, they profess love, yet so much is sickening. Every religion has made mistakes, no one has gotten it right yet. But, that doesn't mean I have to support the hypocrisy.
So yes, I think Jesus in "Family Guy" was right. "They are all crap." I think we believe what we believe and have done with it. No more hate. No more lies. Just love.

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