Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jason writes a new song

Any of us who have dabbled in songwriting in the past are aware of the fact that inspiration is what inspiration is, if you'll pardon the Forest Gump-ism. Sometimes it can be a phrase that sticks in your head. Sometimes it's something you see on the street. Look at a guy like Paul McCartney (not that I am equating myself with one of the greatest songwriters of all time). He saw, in a market in Atlanta, a product called "Run Devil Run." He promptly wrote a song using just that, called "Run Devil Run." Great tune in fact.
Well, just lately, I've been feeling a lil inspired. And today, I wrote a new song. Thought I might share.

"I Need You"

I thought
I was done fighting
I thought
What I was doing was right

But what I really know
Is that I can't go on
That there's nowhere to go
Not without you

I need you tonight
I need you always
I need you to fight
I need you to stay

It's such a simple thing
Or so it would seem
Someone to take away the sting
Someone to set you free

And all those lonely nights
Would begin to lose their strife
And the sun it seemed so bright
Because you came into my life


Someday perhaps you'll see
What you mean to me
And that I need you now
Now and the rest of my life
Someday maybe you'll understand
That without you I'm nothing
Without you I can't sleep
Without you I can't dream
Without you I can't see
The hope anymore

So I wait for the day
Patiently waiting for you
To say what I know you want to say
That you love me too

And I'll sing this song
Hoping somehow you'll hear it
Yes I'll sing this song
Wishing, hoping, against hope, you hear it

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